Instantly verify your business on Foursquare for $10

Over 750,000 businesses have adopted Foursquare to connect better with their consumers, reward them for their loyalty and attract new customers. The businesses are giving options to enable special discounts for Foursquare users and the tools are provided by Foursquare.

To use these tools you need to verify your business by Snail mail, you apply for verification and in 5-7 days you receive a code to the business address via Postal Services that has to be inserted to the website and that verify your business, which in turn allows you to enable specials.

This is a lengthly process and they have come up with something for an instant verification, the company says that for a one-time, $10 fee, owners and managers will now be able to instantly verify their business in order to start using Foursquare’s business tools, which include the ability to offer specials, update the business listing, and access data about their customers and visitors. With the introduction of paid verification, Foursquare hopes that it will resist illegitimate claims that might occur on the service.

Not only does it help Foursquare deter illegal claims, but opens up a new source of revenue too. Well Played Foursquare

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P.S.: The New Venue claiming feature is U.S. Only for now.

The DNetWorks Team