How to use foursquare? How can Businesses profit from it?

Foursquare is pretty nifty. More than eight million people worldwide are using Foursquare with more than 2.5 million check-ins each day. If you aren’t familiar with the application launched in early 2009, We’ll break it down for you and show you how to use if for your business and you personally.


Foursquare is a social media channel with tremendous potential to attract customers. It is very effective for your business and will definitely contribute to your business’s success.

Foursquare allows you to know where your customers are at any given time. This deepens the connection that you have with them. This connection gives you deep insight into your customers. It can also help you to identify the thinking of your customers through their visiting patterns.

Additionally, Foursquare will allow you to track what your customers are saying about your brand. This is vitally important because you gain customers through word of mouth connections and the people who are paying attention to your brand and your business will tell their friends, who will tell their friends, etc.


What exactly is foursquare?

foursquare is a location-based software application for mobile devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, Android, etc. or through SMS (text message).

The concept: Users have the ability to use the GPS in their phone and check-in to places they are currently visiting.   Users can see who else is there including friends, different tips people have posted (ie. order the burger, it’s phenomenal), and become eligible to become the mayor, receive specials,   and unlock badges.   Becoming a mayor of a location simply means you have visited that place more times than anyone else.

Less know fact: Foursquare only allows people with profile photos to become mayor.

How to use it for Business

Foursquare is an exceptional tool to generate new or repeat customers, reward the most frequent visitors, and get valuable insights on who is actually visiting a location.   Businesses have the opportunity to  claim their venue, giving them access to reports on who checks-in and providing the ability to create  Foursquare specials.   There are multiple specials that can be run depending on a business’ goals.


Engaging your customers

Foursquare helps you to engage your customers, especially those customers who are on the go a great deal of the time. It is much easier to communicate about all of your offerings if your messages reach your customers wherever they may be instead of having to wait for them to read your messages at the end of the day or at the end of their business trip. We are now in the age of instant gratification and instant information. Foursquare really helps make that easier for you as a business owner.

Enticing your customers

The Foursquare premise is based on checking into places around the neighborhood and within your online communities. When your customers check in, they are rewarded. The concept is often referred to as a game.

The following are some tools that will allow you to connect easily with your customers through Foursquare:

  • Mayor specials: These specials can only be released by the Mayor of that particular community. The Mayor is your most loyal customer (you determine this by identifying the user who has checked in the most in the last two months). Once you have identified the Mayor, you should reward him or her with a special little gift.
  • Wildcard specials: Wildcard specials are always available. However, your customers have to qualify before they can take advantage of those specials.
  • Check-in specials: The specials are not released to the customer until they check in a certain number of times (you can set that number).
  • Frequency-based specials: These specials are released every certain number of check-in times.

Communicating with your customers

When you are reading the customers’ comments, you will be able to glean a lot of value that you can apply to your business. It is very important for you to interact with your customers after you have become aware of how they are thinking and feeling. However, before you do interact with them, it is essential that you really listen to what they are saying.

That customer feedback will contain information on what your customers want and need from you. The more you pay attention to the needs and wants of your customers, the closer they will feel to you and the stronger your relationships with them will become. You can use Foursquare as your vehicle to keep in touch with your customers and to continue strengthening your relationships with them.

Measuring the success of your business on Foursquare

You can monitor the total amount of people who check in, the users who share updates on Twitter and Facebook and the number of unique visitors. Also, you are able to track the demographics of the users on Foursquare.

Once you are armed with that information, you can use it to reward your loyal customers. When you reward your customers, they want to be in a relationship with you. Everyone loves to be rewarded. The stronger your relationships become with your customers, the more those customers will tell other people about your business and recommend that those other people also become your customers.

Foursquare gives you a very good opportunity to increase the visibility of your business online, to strengthen your credibility, increase brand identity and awareness, and give your customers the feeling that they are important to you.

Exploring the neighborhood

With Foursquare, you are rewarded for checking into your community. As people build their communities on Foursquare, the interactions become more and more interesting. The more they check in, the more they are rewarded. The incentives make them want to keep interacting. When your customers check into a certain location, they will see which particular promotions you are offering. Everyone loves to get something for nothing or at least for doing very little. and


How to use foursquare for yourself

foursquare allows you to see where your friends are, find a trending place’ that has a lot of people checked-in, gain access to insider tips and reviews, and the ability to cash in on specials.

Venues will offer incentives to visit their location by offering free gifts, discounts, and other perks. I’ve scored free drinks, dessert, and half-off dinners! Aside from the free stuff, Foursquare is useful in figuring out a busy place to go on a Friday or deciding what to order off the menu at a restaurant.


You can find me on foursquare.

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