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We welcome and support Guest posting Proactively, it a great way to gain experience and get your content accessible to thousands of people who visit our site daily.

Benefits from guest posting on The DNetWorks

  • You can share your knowledge with hundreds of thousands of people.
  • You will get a short bio about yourself at the top of the post, including Twitter and Facebook links to your profiles, so you boast about it among the people you know, a link back to your website, if you wish to.
  • It’s a great way to gain experience in the journalistic industry and you can add this on your resume/CV too.
  • It’s a great way to get yourself out there, whether you be an entrepreneur or a journalist, come write for us and become famous.
  • First hand experience to Interact with the Visitors of The DNetWorks and help them solve their problem.

If you’re wondering what you could do a post on, here’s the types of posts we love

  • Tutorials, Tips, and tricks or maybe a Hack you know and others don’t.
  • List posts, for example, Top 10 Android apps, 50 Stylish Logos, 9 best UI for Mobile, etc…
  • Opinion posts
  • Product reviews
  • Posts on a new Tech startup, App, Web Service that you love
  • An Awesome Gadget that you saw on the Web or your own
  • A major Sports update
  • The wackiest post you can think of, in terms of Technology, We have some wacky articles like How to Land a Boeing 747 in an Emergency or How to hack a Vending Machine, make your imagination run WILD.

The best part is, you DO NOT need to have a prior experience to write guest posts on The DNetWorks. However, the Guest post must be written by you and not copied from anywhere (we do a check before the article actually goes live)

We also welcome Expert Writers who are looking for sponsored article posting to have a go on our network of website in various Niche.

The DNetWorks fully or partly operates more than 1500+ sites ranging from PR 0 to PR 5 and in various categories as below:
1. Internet
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24. Home
25. Auto/Cars
26. Currency
27. Celebrities
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34. Career
35. Electronics
36. Dating
and more
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