Soda/Coke Vending Machine hack – Impress your friends

Soda machines are every where, from malls, to railway station these vending machines have small intelligent chips inside. A small screen usually displays some information. It is a less know fact that pressing a certain combinations of buttons can control the settings of the machine. For example, you could check the internal temperature, view the amount of money inside, or even get a certain beverages. It works for almost all the soda/coke vending Machine!

We are shedding light on some awesome tricks you could perform on these machine

Accessing the service Menu

Press the buttons [4] [2] [3] [1] one after another. These can be arranged vertically or horizontally depending on the layout of the buttons. If one does not work, try the other. Once you key that combination into the machine, you will enter the “code debug menu.” It should display the word “ERROR” on the screen.

Navigating the Internal Service Menu

Once inside the buttons become controls for navigating the menu system.

  1. Button [1] Back/Exit
  2. Button [2] Down
  3. Button [3] Up
  4. Button [4] Select

You should now be able to scroll through the available settings.

Know the settings

Here are the descriptions of some of the settings you may run into:

  • Cash  the amount of money inside the machine and how much each drink made.
  • Sale  shows how many drinks were sold and from which slots.
  • Ver  the version number of the machine’s firmware.
  • Error  there are various error codes:
    • ColJ column jammed
    • VEnd vending mechanism
    • Door door switch
    • Sels selection switch
    • Char charge error
    • Acce acceptor errors
    • Sts space to sales.
    • bVal bill validators
  • Rtn  exits back to normal menus.

Pressing the coin return or back button also exits out of the setting menus. Quick Tip: holding a coin at the tip of the slot will display the current temperature inside.

Some more..

Although access to those settings is usually enabled, it is sometimes locked down by the owner or maintenance. If you can get into the menus, here are a few things you can do:

  • CPO  Coin payment mode dumps coins out of the machine. You can even specific the type of coins (e.g. quarter, dime, penny) and the amount you wanted.
  • tvFL  Tube fill mode lets you replenish the machine with coins.
  • PASS  Change the default password from 4231 to something new.
  • PrlC  Change the price of a drink! (One cent anyone?)
  • StOS  Reorder what each button refers to. (Make Coke button drop a Sprite)
  • COn  Deeper machine configuration settings.
  • TIME  Change the time value.
  • LANG  Switch the language to something else.

[notification type=”info”] We are not encouraging hacking by posting this article, we are just showing how vulnerable the systems are and how easy it is to break into them [/notification]

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