The DNetWorks is a India/UK/USA based Web Magazine/Blog dedicated to curating great quality content from the interwebs, we cover, Technology, Mobile, Social Media, Gadgets, SEO, How-to, Tips and Tricks and Sports.

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The DNetWorks attracts 60% of its visitors from USA, India, UK and Europe the rest 40% from various parts of the world, these visitors are Technology enthusiasts that visit The DNetWorks to find either Technology News, Tips and Tricks or Social Media updates.

We receive a Huge sum of traffic via the Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and some via Social Bookmarking sites (StumbleUpon, Digg) but the huge chunk of traffic comes via Google, Bing and Yahoo, due to our optimized Articles which the Search Engine Spiders love, while doing so, we ensure that it doesn’t affect the comfortability of the users visting The DNetWorks.

As on July 2012, we receive traffic of about 80,000+ visitors a month and growing at an alarming pace.

Advertising Banners

We currently offer many advertising banners and related advertising services. Below are the details of the banners and other solutions of Sale. However if you’re looking for a different size or want to carry out some other form of advertising or promotions on The DNetWorks, we’ve added our contact details below, alternatively you can use the Contact Us Form

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Sponsored Tweets:

Est Followers: 45,000+
Cost per tweet: $99

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Top Right Sidebar BOX: 300 x 250 x 1 available
Est Impressions: 80000
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Right Sidebar Rectangle: 300 x 75  x 3 (Available currently)
Est Impressions: 80000
Cost: $140 per 30 days

Left Sidebar Below the Menu: 120 x 600 x 1 available
Est Impressions: 80000
Cost: $99 per 30 days

Above the Post:  468 x 60 Text Ads x 1 available
Est Impressions: 80000
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Below the Posts: 125 x 125 x 2 available currently
Est Impression: 80000
Cost: $49 per 30 days

The above locations are currently available for advertisements for your products and service, we will provide details analysis of the impressions, clicks and other parameters on the Ads on a Monthly basis, the cost is inclusive.

Sponsored/Review Article of your Product/Service

We do entire article dedicated to your Product or Service, this will be along with the other articles of the site and will go out to the Twitter followers for @dhawaldamania, @thednetworks, @dnetzone, Facebook Fans for The DNetWorks, DNetZone and a few other pages which are syndicated with The DNetWorks, to receive The DNetWorks updates on a regular basis (Estimated reach: 500000 people on Social Media) and to the RSS Readers (1500+). The article can include upto 2 links back to your site and can include a company logo and images, we can help you design the cover image for the article too, which includes in the review/sponsored cost.

Cost for the Sponsored Article starts at $100 per article.

You can sponsor past or upcoming Articles we do. This will include having a brief description of you/your company with two links back to your website at the top of the Article. You’ll also get links back to your Twitter and Facebook profiles.
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Cost: $100 Fixed Cost

Incase we do a Product Review Free of Charge (highly probable) we will either keep the product after the review for further uses or ship it back to you, if requested. However, the Shipping cost to and Fro will be on you.


Since SEO is a big deal and we ensure high quality SEO, we can sell keywords in previous or future posts. You get discounts if you buy multiple words at once. All the keywords will reside on The DNetWorks for the lifetime of the site

Cost: $50 per keyword

Note: These keywords can only be words which are already part of the post. To add a new sentence including your keyword will cost $50 extra and will clearly be labeled with “Sponsored Text”.

Yes, I want to Advertise with The DNetWorks NOW

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The DNetWorks fully or partly operates more than 250 sites ranging from PR 0 to PR 5 and in various categories as below:
1. Internet
2. Technology
3. Mobile
4. Travel
5. Finance
6. Home
7. Business
8. Application
9. Wealth
10. Jewellery
11. Debt
12. Gambling
13. Fashion
13. Heart Surgery
14. Insurance
15. Financial Real Estate
16. Loan
17. Shopping
18. Entertainment
19. Pet
20. Online Bands
21. Search Engine
22. Internet business
23. Education
24. Casino
25. Home
26. Auto/Cars
27. Currency
28. Celebraties
29. Food
30. History
31. Geography
32. Sports
33. Lifestyle
34. Jobs
35. Career
36. Electronics
37. Dating
and more
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Note: We only accept Payments through PayPal. No advertisements will be displayed until payment has been made. Advertisements and sponsors will clearly have an “Advertisement” or “Sponsored by” label.