Secret to Instagram super-quick photo uploads

Who doesn’t love Instagram, the $1 Billion Photo sharing app acquired by Facebook. If you’ve used Instagram on Android or iPhone you know it’s easy to use, snappy, quick, no bullcr*p business. The interface is real clear and non confusing.

One more thing worth noticing is the fact that the photos you upload and share to Instagram, get uploaded SUPER QUICK.

In a presentation at Warm Gun 2011 last December, Krieger detailed how Instagram’s iOS app was designed to process any form of input as it is entered, “moving bits in the background” as the user interacts with the app’s various features.

Here is the trick Instragram uses to upload photos so quickly

Instagram uses on of Networking’s Basic principles, sending data as it is ready and match up at the destination, yes, it requires 2 round tricks or Application calls to the server but, makes the process lightning quick for the users.

So this is what Instagram does, In the First request to the server, it send the filter-positive photos, in the following pattern: Once you select the Filter and hit the Green Tick Mark, it starts uploading the photos while you are still adding details of if you want to share it to the social networks and captions etc.

In the second request to the server it send the remaining data of your configuration, i.e. to share it with the Social Network, Caption, Maps location etc.

Instagram’s Krieger stated in his presentation in December that it is “worth it, even if you throw out the data on cancel.”

With the users’ prespective, it looks like the photo is uploaded lightning quick and adds to the USP.

via: TNW

The DNetWorks Team