Foursquare plans to launch Paid Search Ad in June 2012

Foursquare plans to launch Paid Search Ads in the next two months. With the launch Merchants will be able to promote deals on Foursquare when the user searches for Specials in the locality he/she is in, the idea is similar to the “Explore” function currently being using on Foursquare but, paid Search Ads will, obviously be promoted above the free ads.

This news has been reported to Advertising Age by  a very close source, Walgreens social media director Adam Kmiec, who has spoken with Foursquare about its future plans.

“We are interested in any way we can make our customers more aware of our specials,” Kmiec said. “We also think it shows that Foursquare is maturing as an organization.”

Right now, Foursquare search produces organic results, this applies to Explore and Specials as well, come June 2012, it will syndicate deals with Groupon, LivingSocial, Gilt City, ScoutMob, etc and produce sponsored results by Merchants and service providers.

This isn’t the first time Foursquare has got into paid listing, Nine Month’s ago, it was reported that Foursquare sold Custom Badges starting $75000 Each, wonder how many people would be ready to buy those badges outside USA.

Foursquare is 20 Million users strong and has already kicked out it’s opponent Gowalla and has won over Facebook Places a well, to become the number One Location based system, what do you think about the Sponsored Search Ad, how do you think it will benefit you?


The DNetWorks Team