Facebook acquires Gowalla; will go full guns blazing against foursquare

Reports are in that Gowalla, the location based startup and foursquare competitors has been purchased by Facebook for an undisclosed sum according to a report this evening by Laurie Segall on CNN Money,  yes, FACEBOOK, it excites us to know that Facebook is still interested in this arena, when it has been beaten by foursquare,  a New York Startup.

Facebook launched Places and then killed it just 6 months after the worldwide launch. Reason: It couldn’t complete with the foursquare who have loyal subscribers base.

Meanwhile, foursquare, released a statement about it: “Congrats to Josh and the team in Austin. Here at foursquare, we continue to focus on building an amazing product and growing our 15,000,000-strong community.”

Gowalla, which has raised $10.4 million, first launched at SXSW 2009 going head-to-head against foursquare, with a stronger emphasis on virtual goods and nicer icons than their competitor. But Foursquare overtook Gowalla in popularity by a large margin, prompting the startup to reinvent itself earlier this year.

The new product moves away from displaying a time-based feed of your friends’ recent check-ins, and focuses instead on creating Stories around the places you and your friends have visited, clustering together photos that show off your adventures (there is also a Guides section that lays out where you should visit in a given city).

In other words, it’s not too dissimilar to Facebook’s Timeline feature, which is also designed to group clusters of activity into more cohesive stories, as opposed to just a reverse-chronological feed. And it would make perfect sense for Facebook to start featuring location checkins and photos tagged with GPS coordinates into Timeline stories.

reports TechCrunch

We hope this helps Facebook re-invent itself in the Location based System Arena

The DNetWorks Team