Facebook Places: Going Places, Available Globally.

Mark Zuckerburgs’s Facebook Places completes the “Where” Of the Puzzle  of the Great Facebook Saga.  When you  check-in to a hotel or a restaurant or any place for example, you can update your status with Facebook Places and it posts as a status where you’ve checked-in.

Facebook Places went live globally today, although Facebook for Blackberry and Facebook for iPhone users were able to use the feature long time back, but now it is available on all devices and even on the touch.facebook.com, site for Touch Screen phones.


This is the web interface of the Social Networking’s Touch site, Places is clearly seen you can even Tag people when you check-in to a Place.  Of course, you’ll also need to have GPS and Internet connectivity to complete the process of updating your location, but it seems that ONLY the GPS Co-ordinates aren’t enough.


It’s  not just  in India though, Facebook Places has gone live in many other parts of the world too. Countries like Brazil, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa, Egypt, Israel Bulgaria and many more have been included to Places by Facebook.

We are confirming that Places has become globally available with the exception of Korea and Russia where we are working to launch Places soon. – Facebook Official

To confirm if you can use Facebook Places, just open your mobile Facebook app and tap Places’. Rather than seeing Not available in your area , you should be getting Check In  option at the top right corner.

Facebook Places was initially available in U.S.,  U.K.,  Japan,  Canada,  France, Italy, Australia,  Denmark and several other countries but now, Facebook seems to be rolling out Places’ in massive way across the globe.

Facebook Places is available through native apps across all major platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7 and Palm WebOS.


I personally, use Foursquare, Find me on Foursquare, but Facebook Places will be interesting, probably, Facebook DEALS come in the picture.


Dhawal D