Facebook copies Google+’s Hot Topics calls it Trending Articles

I just stumbled across a new feature on Facebook called Trending Articles and I thought to myself, I have seen this somewhere and it didn’t take me even a second to realize that I had seen it on Google+, only difference, it was called “Hot on Google+

What Facebook is doing: It takes the Website’s using the Social Reader Apps and puts up the Article in the Trending Articles section, this maybe due to two reason, either a couple of friends have read that Article via the Social Reader App or it’s Breaking news.


What Google+ is doing: Google+ as we know has hashtags similar to Twitter for tagging updates related to a particular topic, say for Eg. if there is an IPL match going on, users can use #IPL to see what have people been talking about it, you can call it a Public Group Chat.

Perviously, when Google+ didn’t have hashtags it was doing what Facebook is doing right now, determining the Trends according to the number of +1, comments and Shares.

This isn’t the first time we’ve caught Facebook copying Google+, remember it moved its Theatre view photo’s comment from bottom of the photos to the right side, similar to what Google+ does.

What do you think about this copy business?

The DNetWorks Team