Best Pet Games on Android

One of the best ways to spend the time on a bus or waiting for one is by playing new games on your android device. There are many different types of games out there, each one trying to get you to spend money and download the game. One of the types of games is Pet games, which just like the name suggests is all about taking care of and raising your pet. Here is just a few of the best pet games that you can find to play on the go.


Dragon Pet by A&A Games is one the most unique pet games on the marketplace. This game starts off by delivering an egg to the player. The player must care for the egg until it hatches. Once it hatches, the player now has a pet dragon. The dragon will continue to grow and the pet and player will take off on adventures. The game will also continue to run when the player is not playing, meaning that the player may get an alert from the dragon saying that it needs help! The world will grow with the dragon and there are many mini games also. The graphics will remind older players of the Spyro the Dragon games from the late 1990’s. The music in the game is also a little dated but not enough to turn anyone off of the game. Dragon Pet is free on the Google play store.


Unicorn Pet also by developer A&A Games, is another great pet game. This game takes place in the Land of Unicorns, where everything was going just fine until an evil wizard came along and kidnapped all of the Unicorns. After he kidnapped them, he stripped them of their magic. Every great once in a while, a good wizard comes along and frees one of the Unicorns. It is up to the player to care for the rescued animal. Players will also get to ride their Unicorns around the world. This game will also continue to run when not being played, meaning that the player can return to a much changed game world than the one they left. The controls are simple tap screen, with some swiping. The graphics look a little dated, but the level of content more than make up for that small issue. Unicorn Pet is also free on the Google play store.


Lovely Pets is a pet collection game by developers Frismos Games. In this game, players get to take on the role of matchmaker and breed their cats and dogs. Players can also cross breed different types of animals to get new breeds of pets in the breeding lab. The game is not just for cats and dogs; it also includes rabbits and pandas, among other pets. It is a great game to play on the go or just something to pass time and the cross breeding adds a lot of re-playability. The graphics are decent for a mobile game and the sound can be turned down if a player finds it to be annoying. The controls are simple touch based and easy to learn. Lovely Pets is free on the Google play store.

So, before you spend any of your hard earned cash on just any pet game, please check out the ones listed here for free on the Google play store. And those hardcore gamers can read useful considerations in choosing 144hz or 60hz monitors to buy all-rounder features in a gaming monitor.

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