Review: MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch

Smart Watches have flooded the market all of a sudden, biggies like Samsung and Sony have already entered the market while we’re expecting Apple to join the league too with their iWatch.

There are a lot of other Startups which have flourished well, including Pebble and ImWatch, one of the other manufacturers of Smartwatches are MyKronoz.

MyKronoz ZeWatch is a smartwatch that tells time while offering much more. By connecting you to all your Bluetooth enabled devices – phones, smartphones, tablets and PCs – ZeWatch keeps you up-to-date with a glance at your wrist.

First Impressions and Unboxing: MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch

The first time you see the box, you know you’re in for something made with great care and quality, specially when you see, “The Smartwatch from Switzerland”



The back of the box is simply done in a way it tell you everything the Watch is intended to do and a super fashion.


The other side has MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch Specification along with the 3 most important thing it does, Watch – Phone support – Music


The box contains:




  • MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch
  • USB Charger
  • Instruction Booklet

Features and usage: MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch

MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch has some features that most of the Smartwatches that are currently available in the marketing don’t have, on the other side there are some things other watches do but MyKronoz doesn’t.

Here is what MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch can do

Tells Time: It shows time like any other watch

Connects via Bluetooth to your phone, its quite a simple setup, enable bluetooth on your phone, press and hold the red button on MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch and pair it with your phone

It shows Caller ID and lets you answer and reject calls: One of the most awesome features is that MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch shows the name and number of the caller when you receive an incoming call, provided that the number is stored in your phone directory, if not only number is displayed.

You can either answer the call or reject it with the button on both the sides of the MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch, you can use the speaker/mic to answer the call and speak, allowing you hands free speaking.

Ringer and Vibration with Anti-lost alert: Most of the Smartwatches in the market miss the vibration feature but MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch proudly boasts it and uses it for two purpose, one is to notify you of the incoming call and other to alert you when the phone moves 10+ meters away from the Watch, I personally am enjoying the feature, when I forget the phone in my car and move away, the MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch alert me

It Plays Music: Once you connect MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch to your Phone, you can play music via the speaker onboard the Watch, all you do is play the music on your phone and the sounds comes out of the watch speaker, Zero Setup.

Charging the MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch

Charging MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch is very simple, use the Clip-Charger provided in the box. Ensure that the Charger contacts connect properly to the contacts on the back of the watch.

mykronoz-zewatch-review-4 mykronoz-zewatch-review-8

The Feel of MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch is quite Rubberish to be honest, maybe because the straps are made up of rubber compound, but it really gives you a sporty look when you wear on of the watches.

The 128 * 32 OLED screen is not a touch-screen with is good and bad at the same time, good because no chances of accidental touches, bad because it limits the functionality of the phone. There is nothing much you can do with the Smartwatch without a phone being connected, precisely, only one, see time.

The battery life is decent, Li-ion 150mAh worth of battery, it lasted about 1.5 days on a single charge, the company says, 72 hours of standby, with good enough call flow, also, listened to music a couple of times, but the speaker is not made for the purpose, so the sound quality is not that great to listen to music via the watch. The MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch is just 45 gms in weight so it doesn’t add much bulk too. The Watch is not Scratch proof or Water Resistant.

Operating it outdoors becomes a but difficult, especially if you’re out in the sun the display becomes almost unreadable, there are no light settings too.

If you’re a watch wearer, this will be a welcome change, unless you’re into those expensive swiss watches. MyKronoz ZeWatch greatly increases the potential of what technology can be included on your Wrist.


You, however, can’t call it an absolute smartwatch, because, it doesn’t have an operating system or has memory to store data, doesn’t run apps and more, but if you’re not a geek and not into much of gadgets and just need a Watch Smarter than an average watch, at the price its on offer (£59.99), this is for you.

Technical Specifications: MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch


  • Bluetooth ® Version: V2.1
  • Voltage: 3.6V – 4.2V
  • Current: 45mA
  • Frequency: 2.4GHZ
  • Talk time : 2-3 hours
  • Standby time: 72 hours
  • Battery Type: Li-ion 150mAh
  • Size: 38.5 * 80 * 12.5 mm
  • Weight: 45 grams
  • Screen: 128 * 32 OLED
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Warranty: 24 months

The best part is it is compatible with any phone with a bluetooth, check list, Tablets and even Computers. Add style to your Gadgets at an affordable price.

The DNetWorks Team