[Review] Mi Cable Tidy – Simple but Innovative Gadget

Tired of the tangled cable cables? Messed up all the time with the Smartphone chargers hanging from the socket, here is an inexpensive solution for all your Charger cable problems.

Introducing: Mi Cable Tidy


Mi Cable Tidy is made up of plastic and use pin the head between the Charger and the the electrical Socket, wrap around the cable on it’s body, tuck the both the end on the holes in its two arms and rest your phone on the feet at the bottom.

It’s as simple as that.

Another great selling point of this device is that it has a universal design which because of this means you can use it with an mobile phone charger or earbuds, It’s a handy travel companion too as it is nice and small and the charger ‘holes’ support the following plugs/countries :


UK 3 prong plug Type G  - UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong.
USA 2 prong Type A North America, Japan, South America
USA 2 prong plus earth Type B -North America, Japan, Central America .
India 3 prong Type D – India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Namibia.


The only main downside of the product is that there was some imperfections on the edges but I think that is acceptable considering it is only £4.99.

Its a simple, easy and effective way to end your cable trailing tangles around you house, It’s a neat and it definitely gets a Thumbs up from The DNetWorks

The DNetWorks Team