Here is One more Galaxy S2 Feature, The Samsung Galaxy S2’s Back Cover is a ‘Gymnast’

Everyone wonder, what the hell am I talking, must see the below video, Samsung Galaxy S2, the best Android Phone until now. We have NFC another other features, the phone has been rooted,  over-clocked  and tested against time and it has emerged victories, Here is another feature that other phone DO NOT have, It’s Back cover can be bent over  backwards  without cracking it. YES, you heard it right, it’s as flexible as a gymnast!

Malaysian blog SoyaCincau had recently decided to see just how flexible the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy S2 was after noticing a similar test by a Korean source. So they went ahead and recorded the video that is a little painful to watch, posting it on YouTube.

As the blog explains, “one of us tried it a few times but chickened out upon hearing the flimsy plastic creak in protest as if it was near its breaking point. The other one of us merely ignored the creaks and went all the way. And thus, we have the resulting video.”

While we are not sure how this ability may come in handy for Samsung Galaxy S2 owners, it is still a very entertaining video to watch. Check it out below.

Well, I still don’t have the b*lls to do it myself!

Anyways Check out the video