Difference between Android and iPhone users – Infographics

People are generally judged by the car they drive, the locality they live in, the brand of clothes they wear and so on,  but can someone be judged by the mobile phone that he/she keeps? According to an  Infographic  published by Hunch, users possessing a specific smartphone (Android or iPhone) tend to possess certain traits.  The Infographic also provides statistics on the ongoing battle between iOS and Android devices.

According to the infographic, the recent data from Nielsen showed that Google’s Android has been leading the U.S. smartphone market with 39% market share, followed by Apple’s iOS with 28% share of the market.  On the contrary Hunch polled  15,818  users about their mobile operating system preferences and found that Apple’s iOS is leading with 32% users claiming to have an iPhone as compared to 21% that owned an Android device. Only 8% had Windows phone, while the remaining 23% were using platforms like RIM’s BlackBerry and Nokia’s Symbian.

Speaking of demographics, most of the Android users were between 18 to 24 years of age while 29% of the iPhone users are more likely to be over 35 years. iPhone users represent the richer spectrum of the society with 67% users having an annual household income of $200K or more. 80% of the Android users are more likely to have only a high school diploma compared with 37% of the iPhone users to have a graduate degree.

The Infographic also shows inforamtion about the personality, life experiences, social behavior, experience with technology and taste for food, drinks and entertainment of the mobile users.
Well, NOW, I think one can be judged by the Phone they own!

Dhawal D