Samsung Mobile naming scheme Explained! Very Interesting

Samsung has released a range of Android and BadaOS phones around the world,  all named under the new naming scheme which makes it easier to identify which phone does what by looking at the name alone.


Now, when you hear about a Samsung Galaxy phone, this is what the letters in the name mean:  S  means Super Smart  and denotes a flagship device, while  R  stands for Royal  or Refined , and denotes a premium model, just below the S class.  W  stands for Wonder , which translates to a high quality, mid-level device;  M  means Magical  and denotes a mid-to-low-level smartphone, while  Y  stands for Young , meaning an entry-level device.

Additionaly,  Pro  indicates the device includes a physical QWERTY keyboard,  Plus  means the device is an upgrade from an existing model, while  LTE  means that the device supports LTE (Long-Term Evolution) standard, which enables very fast data transfer.

This makes our job easier: if we tell you that Samsung has released four new Android smartphones: Galaxy W, Galaxy M Pro, Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Pro, you already know what that means, right?

We’ll add some details, though: The Galaxy W sports a respectable 1.4 GHz Processor, HSDPA connectivity and a 3.7? touch screen. Samsung hasn’t revealed the precise specs of the other three devices, except a couple of tidbits here and there: the Galaxy Y is powered by a 832MHz CPU, while the Galaxy M Pro is very thin at only 9.97 mm.

via Mashable

Isn’t it simple to identify now?

Dhawal D