$1500 (..and counting) Bounty, to port Android to HP Touchpad

With HP deciding to close down WebOS and the TouchPad, there has been a chain of events happening in relation to HP, Firstly this Stock price dropped and then the HP WebOS TouchPad was being sold in the just for $99 in stores in the US.

And now there are  effort already underway from both  XDA Developers  and  RootzWiki  communities to attempt to port Android to the HP TouchPad. And now the ante has just been upped a bit by  Hack N Mod. There’s a $1500 total bounty put up for the first successful port of Android to the TouchPad.

The initial prize is $450 for a basic  port  and the rest of the money is broken down into categories, so multiple persons or teams could walk away with cash for their effort. Code must be posted to GitHub with an open source license, along with video proof to secure the bounty. The initial $450 was put up my the Hack N Mod community, while the other categories such as audio, WiFi, camera and multi-touch are sponsored. You can also throw in some of your own money to sweeten the pot.

This isn’t the first or last time there will be a bounty to get Android working on a non-Android device. And in the past it’s done well for providing incentive for developers and hackers to work harder at what they do best. All too often we forget the guys that root our devices and create ROMs do it in their spare time and only get paid through donations.


via TechCrunch  

Dhawal D