Intel to offer Core i3 customers with a Processor upgrade via Software, Yes you heard it right!

Intel has unveiled a new upgrade procedure available to  Core  i3  processor owners that will shortly allow them to upgrade their processor by unlocking it, via a software update from Intel  and enabling an extra processing power.

Intel has already  trialled  the new upgrades and will be charging users to be able to use the new software upgrade which is capable of adding an extra 10 to 23 percent to your processor says Intel.

Users who’ve bought a system featuring the entry-level Intel Pentium G622 processor will be able to boost its performance from 2.6GHz to an as-yet unspecified clock speed believed to be in the region of 3.2GHz. Systems that have had the upgrade applied will see the chip identify itself in the BIOS as a Pentium G693.

Those who have an Intel Core i3-2102 in their system will also be able to enjoy a speed boost, turning their chip into a Core i3-2153 and improving performance on selected tasks by between 11 and 15 per cent. As with the Pentium G693, the final upgraded clock speed has not yet been announced.

Laptop users with the Intel Core i3-2312M chip will be able to enjoy a boost to both clock speed and cache memory, with the code unlocking previously restricted hardware to increase performance still further. As a result, performance increases by between 10 and 19 per cent on selected tasks, but again Intel isn’t offering actual figures for comparison between the stock and upgraded specifications.

These new chips join the first upgradable processor, the Intel Pentium G6951, which can be given HyperThreading support and an extra 1MB of cache with the purchase of a $50 upgrade card in selected regions. So far, Intel hasn’t revealed just how many people have opted to buy the upgrade card for a processor which costs under $90.

Those who decide that a hassle-free software upgrade is worth the cash will need to find a retailer selling the scratch-off upgrade cards, which are currently thin on the ground. They will also need to be running Windows 7 in order to apply the update. Thus far, Intel hasn’t announced support for any other operating system.



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Intel has yet to release the pricing plan for the  new upgrades.

Dhawal D