Expect your Phones to have Air Bags and Jet-exhausts in the Future, at least that’s what Amazon CEO hints

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos believe they have the answer to reducing the amount of damage caused when you drop your phone, filing a patent for a  damage avoidance system that uses mini-airbags and jets of gas to better protect your mobile should it unintentionally strike a surface.

Filed in February, Geekwire discovered the  patent  and noticed Bezos and Amazon Vice President Greg Heart were listed as its inventors.

The patent describes a technology that would use a smartphones inbuilt sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope), camera, IR beam, radar   or the combinations and permutations to detect if a handset was in free fall, deploying mini-airbags to cushion the fall and save the device. Jets of gas could be used to orientate the handsets to other limit the speed of descent or flip the phone over to fall onto a more robust face.

Bloody weird isn’t it? but today’s smartphones were unimaginable pre-iPhone, so there is a lot of innovations which seem foolish, may become the next big thing in mobile phone technology


via The Register

Dhawal D