Justin Bieber Has Dedicated Servers at Twitter

Justin Bieber uses 3% of Twitter resources at any moment. According to a Twitter employee—talking to designer Dustin Curtis—Bieber has “racks of servers dedicated to him. I’m sure this will excite his haters

Dustin confirmed to us that his tweet is not a joke. He was told about it by a Twitter employee. Since Bieber is almost a perennial trending topic, I’m not surprised. Still, and given the 180 million unique visitors every month, that’s quite an achievement.

What is really important, however, is this: Now, every time that whale pops, you will have one more reason to slap him.

At the moment, we are not making our user statistics public,   Twitter insists.

I’d say, Love him or hate him, you can’t Ignore this Boy.!

Dhawal D