20 Epic Win Keyboards

Personal computer are evolving, and as Moore’s Law correctly states “the number of transistors per chip double every 24 months”. Which in turn tell us that the technology/computer changes every 24 month, The latest computer that you today would be a outdated on in 2 years from now.

Not only does the technology constantly advance, but so too do the personal touches that people add to their own systems. Customization is one of the cornerstones of the PC, and that alone is very important to the modern PC user.

Listed below are collection of 20 super awesome keyboards that once were a friction and now they are reality.

1.  Virtual Laser Keyboard: This virtual keyboard is actually just a laser emitter that creates a light pattern in the shape of a keyboard, and then detects the movements of your fingers in order to determine what you are typing.

2. Functioning Textile  Keyboard: Though this is not a commercially available product, I felt it was deserving of an honorable mention due to its unique and unusual nature. This textile keyboard  is actually an art project with a layering of more than 22,000 keyboard keys across its surface. The reason this is on this list is because the first few rows of keys are actually functional and can be used to type words on a connected computer monitor.

3.  Super Tiny Keyboard: This super tiny keyboard is about 25% larger than an iPhone and can fit in your pocket. This model also features fully illuminated key.

4.  Steampunk-style Keyboard: This is a steampunk-style ergonomic keyboard fabricated from brass. It also features a built-in trackpad.

5.  DX1 Customizable Keyboard: This keyboard allows you to arrange the individual stick-on keys in any arrangement on the included input tray that you desire, and if you grow tired of it you can easily remove and rearrange them again.

6.Twiddler2 Keyboard: The Twiddler2 is another keyboard meant for one-handed use, at the expense of a good knuckle-crunching.

7.AlphaGrips Keyboard: The AlphaGrip is a video game style controller with several buttons that can allow you to type more than 50 words per minute.

8.Maltron Ergonomic Keyboard: This keyboard is designed to naturally fit the shape of the hands and the varying lengths of the fingers in order to prevent stress injuries.

9.TechieTrends Wireless Flexible Keyboard: The Wireless Flexible Keyboard by TechieTrends is a  dust & water proof flexible keyboard that can be easily rolled up and carried with you anywhere you go.

10.Wrist-mounted Keyboard: This keyboard attaches to your wrist with a strap on brace so that you can type text message style with one hand.

11.Comfort Keyboard: The Comfort Keyboards are a series of keyboards that can be adjusted to ergonomically fit the angles and contours of your wrists and hands in order to prevent repetitive stress injuries.

12.SafeType Keyboard: The SafeType keyboard is designed to be more comfortable and ergonomic than a standard keyboard.

13.Maltron Ergonomic Keyboard: This keyboard is designed to naturally fit the shape of the hands and the varying lengths of the fingers in order to prevent stress injuries.

14.Thankos Silent Keyboard: The Thanko Silent Keyboard is a standard keyboard with keys that are completely silent when you type. No clickity clacks here.

15.MyKeyo Organizer Keyboard: The MyKeyo is a fully functioning keyboard with a flip up top that reveals internal storage space for storing small personal items and supplies.

16.Glider Mouse Keyboard: The Glider Mouse is a secondary panel that attaches to any keyboard and features an input system similar to a laptop trackpad. The only difference is an air hockey puck style mouse glider  that is used to control input on the trackpad.

17.The Self Heating WarmKeyboard: The Warmkeyboard is exactly what it’s title implies: a warm keyboard. It features a built-in plug in  heater that warms your hands as you type.

18.Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard: This keyboard has fully illuminated keys and allows you to program the specific colors and frequency at which they light up.

19.Optimus Maximus Keyboard: The Optimus is a high-end keyboard model that  features small, full color OLED displays for each key that can be programmed with custom labels and images.

20.Das Keyboard: The Das Keyboard is essentially a standard keyboard, but with one very important difference:  all blank keys.

That’s it folks, I hope you like the compilation

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