A journey from a Facebook Fan page to a Website, right from the Horses’ Mouth

English Swear Words are No Where Close and Insulting as Hindi Gaalis, most of us know this name, started by the admin, who prefers to be undercover, begun with an Infamous typo, the name previously was English Swear “Worlds” are No Where Close and Insulting as Hindi Gaalis, unfortunately the page got banned for obvious reason.

The Fan page is about to be moded to a website on the 26th of January 2011 and the count down has already begun, the name being, Wordsfailme!,  unanimously chosen by the current members of the communty ESWANWCAIAHG2 . The admin promises the website to have a lot of flexibility and we have a few insides about it.

Images, Videos and More: The site, as the admin says will not be limited to text jokes. It wil contain funny video, photos and more from various sites across the net.
The admin also promises to get in a lot of cool contest and games on the Website along with a lot of Gifts and  rewards to be won. If all goes well, you might even win a mobile phone and other stuffs, however, he says it will be in the future and not at the launch. It seems that the admin doesn’t want to limit his reach to only 500+ Million facebook users, he want to get on the Internet and increase the reach.

“All the requirement are in place”, he adds. “..and expects this site to be in Top 100 sites by the year end.”

One of the Finalist logo for WFM!

He says that paid advertisements will also be added in the future for the marketing of the website.

Functionality of the site remains simple, with user able to use their facebook credentials to access and comment on the website, along with rating of content and live feed update are just few of the features on the website.

“There are no plans to monetize from the website” says the admin.

An inside new about the website is that, it hit 1000 unique visitor on the day of it launch with just an Anticipation Plugin on the site. Let’s see how much traffic is generates after the launch. To know more keep  visiting  this Space.

On being as of why doesn’t he go open about his identity, he prefers to keep his mouth shut and say, Words Fail Me!

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