Easy ways to reduce your Website or Blogs’ Bounce Rate

What is bounce rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage of single page visits in which a person visiting yor site left it from the entrance page. This entrance can be from any page on your site. Use this metric to measure visit quality – a high bounce rate generally indicates that site entrance pages are not relevant to your visitors.

To know your bounce rate, simply install google Analytics Code to your Site – If you haven’t been tracking your users, you should start now. Google Analytics is free and awesome. Google Analytics –  You can sign up here

Why is it Important?

Lets assume you own a Electronics store. To run your store successfully you will require a lot of people coming in and once your customers arrive you want them to make transactions. Or at least surf the store, you never know as they can find something interesting and useful while surfing that they would like to buy.

Same rule applies to the online world and this process of getting more traffic and converting them to sales is called conversion. You invite customers to your website by investing both time and money on good content, email and affiliate marketing, paid search etc. And once your online users hit your website you  would like  to capitalize on that investment.

Now this is where Bounce Rate Metric comes in handy. By measuring the bounce rate you can measure the effectiveness of your promotional and marketing efforts.

Bounce Rate metrics can be affected by a number of different variables. On an average bounce rate for your site should fall between 35 – 75%.   You can not convince all the site traffic to stay but if your Bounce Rate is more then 75% you are doing something wrong.

7 ways to reduce your bounce rate

  1. Speed up page load times.
  2. Reduce the number of link on your homepage
  3. Limit/Avoid Advertising on your Home Page
  4. Place Content  Strategically; Keep your most important content near the top of your homepage.
  5. Interlink your Post
  6. Install a related Post Plugin
  7. Engage your Audience; Polls, Contents, etc.

Any queries/suggestions welcomed!

Dhawal D.