Starbucks Generates 147,000 Foursquare Checkins In Past 7 Days

Foursquare is a location based social network that incorporates gaming elements.
Users share their location with friends by checking in  via a smartphone app or by text message. Points are awarded for checking in at various venues.

Users can connect their Foursquare accounts to their Twitter and Facebook accounts, which can update when a check in is registered. By checking in a certain number of times, or in different locations, users can collect virtual badges. In addition, users who have checked in the most times at a certain venue will be crowned Mayor  until someone surpasses their number. Various venues have embraced Foursquare, and offer special deals to users who are mayors .

Foursquare has applications for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile

Trendrr, published it’s Top 10 Foursquare Check-in  Chart which tracks the number of checkins large brands generate on a weekly basis.

Starbucks topped the list with nearly 150,000 Check-ins over the last 7 days.

When compared to the other TOP Check-in Brands this number is 3X more, with McDonalds with about 55,000 and Apple with arounf 22,000 Check-ins.

Sounds good for Starbucks, but it would be more interesting to have data about the number of rewards/offer etc used.