Download Streaming Videos from almost Any site for FREE – Tutorial

You are watching a video online and want to have it downloaded on your Computer, the fact is, it is ALREADY Downloaded!

Surprising? Indeed.

You can download video from the well-known video streaming sites like Youtube, Metacafe, etc. I know there are HELL lot out there, but this procedure works for almost all of them.

Generally What happens is we download an unknown software bundle to get these videos and what we don’t know is the SPYWARE it comes along with, I am not saying all of them do it, but most of them do. Some of the software do the work we are describing in Automation, i.e. in this copy from on folder and paste it to the desired folder you have chosen.

Here is the PROCEDURE

  1. It’s recommended that you have  VLC player, however it is not a necessity, to play the downloaded video.
  2. Launch your browser and play the video you want to  download  wait till it is entirely buffered and close the browser or the current viewing tab.
    Quick Question?
    Why should you go in search of tools and softwares to  download  the video ,when the video you just saw is already in your hard disk!  Yeah, it’s in your browser cache. It’s just a matter of finding the file, renaming and using it.
  3. Visit your browser cache location.
    Mozilla Firefox cache location: C:\Documents and  Settings\[User Name]\LocalSettings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[Profile Name]\Cache
    Example:C:\Documents and  Settings\dnetzone\Local  Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\u4wz5p5f.default\Cache
    Internet Explorer cache location: C:\Documents and  Settings\[User Name]\LocalSettings\Temporary Internet Files
    Example: C:\Documents and  Settings\dnetzone\Local  Settings\Temporary Internet Files
    Opera cache location: C:\Documents and  Settings\[User Name]\LocalSettings\Application Data\Opera\Opera\cache
    Example: C:\Documents and  Settings\dnetzone\Local  Settings\Application Data\Opera\Opera\cache
    Chrome cache location: C:\Documents and  Settings\[User Name]\LocalSettings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache
    Example:C:\Documents and  Settings\dnetzone\Local  Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache
  4. Right click and arrange icons by modified [Arrange Icons By->Modified]. The last file is your Video. You can also consider arrange by size option, video files are prone to be bigger so you can easily find it out.
  5. Rename the file pressing F2 or Right Click-Rename, and give it  .flv extension. Because most of the sites uses flv format.
  6. Now play your renamed file via VLC or FLV player. VOILA!

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Dhawal D

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