Total Number of Sites on the Internet

Have you ever wondered, how many websites would be there on the internet? Here I am giving you a jist of it.

According to a 2001 study, there were a massive over 550 billion documents on the Web, mostly in the invisible Web, or  deep Web.  A 2002 survey of 2,024 million Web pages determined that by far the most Web content was in English: 56.4%; next were pages in German (7.7%), French (5.6%), and Japanese (4.9%). A more recent study, which used Web searches in 75 different languages to sample the Web, determined that there were over 11.5 billion Web pages in the  publicly indexable Web as of the end of January 2005.  As of March 2009, the indexable web contains at least 25.21 billion pages.  On July 25, 2008, Google software engineers Jesse Alpert and Nissan Hajaj announced that  Google Search had discovered one trillion unique URLs. As of May 2009, over 109.5 million websites operated. Of these 74% were commercial or other sites operating in the  .com generic top-level domain.
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There were 20,340,000,000 web pages indexed of November 2009, 70,392,567 websites were indexed by Yahoo! as of August 2005. These are the some old figures: the longer or later on in the year it goes there will be more websites so you could check it one day and then the next day check and 1000 more sites could be up.


As per the Domain Name Industry Brief published by VeriSign Inc, the Internet now has as many as over 350+ billion webpages in 2010.

Dot com ( .com ) remains the most popular domain extension, followed by .cn (China), .de (Germany) and .net respectively.

2009 Statistics


  • 90 trillion The number of emails sent on the Internet in 2009.
  • 247 billion Average number of email messages per day.
  • 1.4 billion The number of email users worldwide.
  • 100 million New email users since the year before.
  • 81% The percentage of emails that were spam.
  • 92% Peak spam levels late in the year.
  • 24% Increase in spam since last year.
  • 200 billion The number of spam emails per day (assuming 81% are spam).


  • 234 million The number of websites as of December 2009.
  • 47 million Added websites in 2009.

Web servers

  • 13.9% The growth of Apache websites in 2009.
  • -22.1% The growth of IIS websites in 2009.
  • 35.0% The growth of Google GFE websites in 2009.
  • 384.4% The growth of Nginx websites in 2009.
  • -72.4% The growth of Lighttpd websites in 2009.
source: Royal Pingdom

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