Add richness to your iPhone 5 with leather backs from Valentine Goods

Want to have a Shark leather back for your iPhone or how about an Osterich Leg? Sounds weird? Well that and more is what Valentine Goods has to offer.

Valentine Goods’ premium leather accessories mediate between technology and a way of life that champions quality, craft, and traditional aesthetics.

Valentine Goods is a purveyor of fine leather iPhone, iPad, Macbook, etc., backs that add elite layer of style and protection to your device.

What are we talking about? Well here goes


Valentine Goods offers a wide range of products for all your favorite Apple devices. Whether you are looking for soft, premium grade leather, some exotic animal prints.

These leather backs are made from real leather (does have a peculiar smell to it too) and are completely hand-made. Materials include cow, calf, pony, lamb, horse, buffalo, ostrich, water snake, sharks and stingray skins.

Valentine Goods were kind enough to send The DNetWorks 3 leather backs out of which two were customised with our Logo on the premium leather backs all the way from New York, which stick to the iPhone with a special adhesive.

Application is pretty simple and straightforward, even if you are not able to apply it on your first attempt the adhesive they use doesn’t leave any residue and can be reapplied many times before it wards off.

The leather backs takes your apart from the masses and to add the icing to the cake you can customise your order too.

After you use it for a day, it add a layer to your iPhone’s personality and you don’t feel the bulkiness at all, next, people around wanted to know where they could get the premium product that I was using.

While there were some problems i faced, including the leather back peeling off while getting the phone out of my pocket and in terms of safety you can’t rely on these leather back there are more to add to the look than for the safety. However, I used it with the Brando tempered Glass which added a high level of protection to my iPhone5’s Screen, all in all a wonderful find for all your Mac devices.


1. Easy to install and remove

2. Protects the back panel from scratches

3. Highest quality of leather to be found on a phone case

4. Gives a unique look to the iPhone


1. Since its a sticker it peels off at times.


You can find more of these on their website, products are available for all Apple devices, including Apple TV and Macbook Pro.

Verdict: The products are super classy and really give a unique look to your iPhone.

The DNetWorks Team