Review: Sonivo NFA Easy Speaker

This new product we are reviewing today is out of the world, how it works is simply mind-boggling. Do you ever want a speaker that could just play your music without the wires or even Bluetooth setup or even NFC?

Introducing The Sonivo NFA Easy Speaker which works on NFA (Near Field Audio) technology which just plays your music without any setup at all, all you do is place your Smartphone over it and it auto-magically plays.

First Looks and What’s in the Box: Sonivo NFA Easy Speaker

The speaker comes in a rectangular box with a note: No Wires, No Bluetooth, No WiFi, at first you are in doubts if it actually work or just a gimmick, but when you use it for the first time you’re convinced that it does work, still fascinated of how it actually does.


So this is how it works, all you do is switch on the Button, Play Music on your Smartphone and place smartphone on the speakers and Voila!


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The box contains:

  • 1x NFA Speaker
  • 1x MicroUSB to USB charging Cable
  • 1x 3.5mm to 3.5mm Cable
  • Instruction Manual



How it works and usage: Sonivo NFA Easy Speaker

How it exactly operates is not disclosed but an educated guess and some internet research on the NFA suggest that it is based on electromagnetic induction, The capacity of EM fields to induce current in nearby coils is the same age-old property powering things like wireless charging and it gets even awesome here. There are no Mics that take the sound and amplify it, we tried shouting out at the speaker, it wasn’t amplified at all.

It’s the same technology that is used in smartphones that allow you to be heard when your mouth isn’t anywhere near the microphone.


It is compatible with any media device which has speakers and can output sound, be it a smartphone or a media player, all you got to do is place the device on the NFA Speaker from Sonivo, which you can find at GSE AudioVisual.

And for times you don’t want to use the NFA technology, there is a 3.5mm Cable provided to connect to any of our Music devices including an iPod.

Also, did we mention it comes with a built-in Polymer lithium rechargeable battery allowing a continuos playback of up to 5 hours.

There are just 3 settings at the side, ON/OFF Switch, 3.5mm socket and a Micro-USB socket, there are no options to adjust volume on the speaker, you can control the volumes using the source device (smartphone).


At the bottom is a rubber stopper on all four sides for it to now move and it stick to the surface well.



Don’t expect a crazy Bass boosting, crystal clear high-end sounds from the speakers but it does the required job of playing the music aloud without spoiling the quality of the sound emitted from your device.

Sure there are more speakers but this one takes the cake when it comes to portable speakers.

Verdict: The just-works ability makes it a absolute must have, no power needed off the wall outlet, no cables and no setup at all.

The DNetWorks Team