Lemon A4 First Desi 1080p Display Handset Announced at Rs 17,999

Smart phone have been a trade mark in the present. On every nook and corner of the globe speaks of a new smart phone being launched by the company. It looks like the market is flooded with the number of smart phones releasing every now and then.

It is quite impossible to predict as to what would happen in a few months to come, every feature that could be mounted on a smart phone is done. International companies like Samsung, HTC and Apple have made their positions secure in the market while other companies like Micromax and Karbonn are leaving no stone unturned to come up with better models so as to make a better stand in the market. While Micromax Canvas has managed to hit the skies with the recently launched Canvas series, Karbonn is working outrunning Sony with the design and the look and the feel of the smart phone.


Desi Smartphone:

When there is so much havoc being created in the market how can the other company stay mum? There should be someone to ignite the spark for a fire to climb up. Lemon mobiles, that had been dormant for a long time while a few of its mobile phones bit the dust has now come up with a smart phone that is called the first full HD desismart phone in the country, that the first smart phone of Indian make to sport a full HD screen.

There was a time when the industry was turning into a fruit market, while Apple ruled the smart phone business, blackberry was seasonal and then there was Orange that had been overtaken by Vodafone, and then Lemon mobiles popped into the scene, people began wondering if the next one in the series would be Grape mobiles.

Lemon mobiles failed to sustain in the market due to lack of features and then the companies reverted back like a spring on the nail and Lemon mobiles disappeared behind the curtains of time.

After a very long the company, Lemon mobiles have made a comeback, this return looks futuristic and promising as well and now there is desipan added to HD smart phones as well, thanks to Lemon Mobiles.


Lemon Mobiles have made it to the list of smart phone manufacturers with the launch of the full HD smartphone, the Lemon A4 which would be the first smart phone of Indian make to host a full high definition (HD) display.

The specifications of the smart phone are as follows.

Look and Design:


The Lemon A4 looks sleek and trendy with a 5 inch screen and three capacitive keys below the screen. The ways it seems to be, the smart phone appears to thin and slender. The back view of the smart phones shows a plastic frame with the camera at the top left hand corner and speakers at the bottom left hand side.

Display and Screen:

The Lemon A4 sports a neatly engineered 5 inch screen with full HD resolution of 1080×1920 pixels with IPS display. The 5 inch full HD display is one of the main factors for the smart phone to make such news in the market. The Lemon A4 is first one of its kind to be launching a full HD model. The screen and the resolution that the smart phone offers does make a huge difference as the 5 inch screen will definitely cater to your needs of being able to watch HD videos under full clarity. The viewer experience is completely guaranteed in here.

Power and Processor:

The Lemon A4 is powered by a 1.2 GHz quad core processor backed with a RAM of 1GB and the smart phone is mounted on Jellybean version 4.2.1 of Android operating system from Google for Smartphones. When it comes to power, the Lemon A4 is packed with performance, besides running on a powerful and a latest operating system in the block. Already quad core processors are showing their presence in the market in the several smart phones, if this keeps continuing then the day would not to be far when dual core would be tagged in the list of processor for smart phones.


The Lemon A4 comes equipped with a camera of 13.1 Mega Pixel as the primary camera, the primary camera also features an LED flash light to enhance the quality of your pictures. There is another secondary camera on the front end as well that is of 5 Mega pixels. The camera seems to be a good quality but considering the output, the quality of the images will be up to the mark.


Lemon mobiles have tried to as flexible as possible with the features of the Lemon A4 smart phones and therefore the company has tried to push in the best of features on the smart phone. The Lemon A4 comes with an internal memory of 16GB, that by itself is quite a lot coming from the company, but then again, there’s more in store the smart phones also offers a further expandable memory of 64 GB through MicroSD slot. So, there isn’t necessity to break your head over the memory that the smart phone would support, for the Lemon A4 hosts the best memory specifications in the smart phone.


The Lemon A4 is powered a 1850mAh battery, that does not seem to serve the purpose as much for the battery backup would not be really great in the smart phone, the battery backup that the smart phone can sustain will definitely not go beyond a span to 8 to 9 hours, and is a major drawback for the smart phone as it seems to quite good enough when it comes to all the other features, expect that of the battery.

Overall it is moment of rejoice for company of Indian make has managed to make a new bench mark in the industry. The price and the release date of the smart phone seems to be foggy at the moment, if reports are to be believed then the Lemon A4 would hit the markets in the month of July or August this year.

About the Author: Ajay Chauhan

Ajay Chauhan is an expert technology blog writer working at 91mobiles.com. He has checked from all the sources and presented the correct Lemon A4 price in India here in this article.

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