LG Viper 4G LTE Smart Phone Review

LG is one of the biggest brands of the world of technology and the latest cell smart phone from this top brand is the best best LG 4G smart phone. This is a very well designed phone with lots of addicting features and applications. In this LG Viper  smart phone review we are going to take a brief look on the hardware and other different specifications LG Viper smart phone like software and performance and battery life. So first of all we are going to take a look on the various hardware specifications of LG Viper 4G LTE

Outlook & Hardware

The LG LTE is not a very slim phone as compare to its previous models. The thickness of this phone is about 0.46 inches and that is not a very catchy thing and obviously this phone need some diet. The external casing of this phone is made up of faux-metal. Actually faux-metal is material, which is made up of 50% of the recycled plastic.

It has a headphone jack of 3.5mm. By using this jack you are able to connect your conventional headphone with this phone. The LG Viper smart phone has a camera of 5 mega pixels. It also has a LED flashlight that allows you to take pictures even at dark places or at the places where sufficient light is not available.  This handset is offering the micro SD memory card of 4 GB.

Battery Life & Performance

The performance of this phone is satisfying. LG LTE utilizing the processor of 1.2 GHz dual core which provides a really very good speed and this handset has ram of 1 GB which is more than enough to for any kind of phone. With these specifications anyone can easily switch between the different applications.

LG Viper smart phone review is utilizing the Android technology but sometimes its speed become little bit slow which is little weird. But when it comes to switching between the home screen and applications drawer then you will not face any kind of issue.

Whenever the graphical competency is concerned, the best LG 4G smart phone is at the head of the class. It offers the graphics of high frame rates very consistently.  The LG LTE has the Li-on battery of 1,700mAh, which offers the talk time of almost 4 hours


The LG Viper smart phone has the latest version of Android namely the Android 3.4. This version of android has already downloaded third party applications like Polaris office, NASCAR, TeleNav, Sprint music plus, NBA mobile and Sprint TV and movies. You are not able to uninstall these applications though you have an option to disable these applications.

The best LG 4G smart phone is very affordable. You can buy this phone in just 100 $. The design of this phone may not be quite extra ordinary but in such a good price this phone is not a bad choice. It is also offering 4G coverage therefore you are also able to use internet at an excellent speed.

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