Facebook Logout Ads: Biggest ad space on Facebook for advertisers

Have you logged out of Facebook lately, I did, and I saw something that kind-of disappointed me, a huge-as* Facebook Ads, all with banners and Profile photo and a space where it shows the Like, Share and comments for the Ad.

We recently heard the News about 80% of Facebook ads are click-bombed by Bots and this, I really don’t understand what Facebook is up to.

Logout page placement costs $160,000 per day in the U.S., but the option is only available to advertisers who spend $550,000 per day or more on News Feed ads, an anonymous source told AdAge.

The Logout Page Ad that Samsung placed a Few months ago probably cost Samsung $700K, however that was just in the US.

The Facebook Logout Page Ads were first introduced at the Facebook’s Marketing Conference in February 2012. But this is the first of a kind Ad seen in India, it’s not know what is the amount Facebook has been charging the advertisers in India for this. However, this does give in a huge potential to promote your products/services to 50+ million Indian Facebook users.

We can hope to see a few big players to place their advertisement on the Logout page, considering it’s a elite property and the reach is equally amazing too, but, the exorbitant price point, will narrow the pool of potential buyers to just big brands with large advertising budgets, especially considering that the $700,000 commitment is in the same ballpark as the cost for single-day homepage ads on Yahoo or YouTube.

Have you noticed another brand on the Facebook Logout Page? What do you think about the Ads taking over Facebook.

Hey didn’t some say, “Ads aren’t cool” a few years ago?

The DNetWorks Team