See what other connected to the same Wi-Fi are Chatting on WhatsApp using WhatsAppSniffer

WhatsApp sends data in plaintext so people connected on the same Wi-Fi as you can actually pull the entire conversation, including photos, videos that others are transmitting using this Android App called WhatsAppSniffer.

It’s basically a packet sniffer, but it makes the process of pulling WhatsApp chats out of the sky ridiculously easy, and with that, chances are you may just shout your private conversations across the room.

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And guess what, WhatsApp team know about this issue since about a year and they haven’t even thought about fixing it, In fact, word on this first popped up on YourDailyMac back in May of 2011, that was just the beginning of WhatsApp’s security issues.

If you’re a WhatsApp user with a Rooted Android phone, I recommend downloading the WhatsAppSniffer and trying it out first hand. You’ll find that the entire chat is completely out in open even without you knowing a slightest thing, and this is not the problem only with Android, it works on iOS and Symbian too, Since Blackberry uses its own servers instead of WhatsApp’s, it’s actually secure on that end.

We hope WhatsApp fixes now at least.

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The DNetWorks Team