Mumbai surgeon uses iPod Touch to perform a surgery

The patient must be very thankful to Steve Jobs for the creation of the iPod Touch, which has saved his life. A Doctor in Mumbai, India has successfully completed a surgery using an iPod Touch.

Technological innovations, when combined with innovative ideas for using a technological device, can create remarkable products and show us unimaginable ways of using technology in different areas of life. A surgeon in Mumbai has come up with one such innovative use of    iPod Touch.  Arun Mullaji, an orthopedic surgeon practicing at the Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai, with the help of orthopedic implant company, Smith & Nephew, has used iPod Touch to perform  knee replacement surgery  on his 75-year old patient Gulab Singvi. The surgery conducted with the iPod was a great success, and the patient could walk on the same day, post the surgery.


A specialist in computer-aided knee replacement surgery, Arun Mullaji’s surgery is the  first commercial non-experimental knee replacement surgery in Asia, to have been done using an iPod Touch. The surgery was performed using the  DASH technology  designed by Smith & Nephew. In the DASH system, the iPod Touch is connected wirelessly, using Wi-Fi connection to an infrared beam emitting camera. The iPod Touch has tiny instruments attached to itself, which the surgeon can position, according to data fed on the iPod Touch. The surgeon can see exact alignments and position of the operated portion on the iPod Touch’s screen and can cut the bone and place a new joint with precision.

The technology adds precision to the surgery and the implants done by this method are known to last longer and have better functionalities. Additionally, the surgeries done by the DASH technology heal faster and are more affordable. It also accounts for being minimally non-invasive. Considering all the benefits of this new technology,   Arun Mullaji and his  orthopedic implant company plan to release it   in several other hospitals in India.

So, the age old debate of Technology being a Boon or a curse is de-mystified today.

Dhawal D