Mobile Patent suing mess – Simplified

Every second day you hear some or the other company suing another company for Patent infringement, Patent trolling, as we call it. Some days, back it was Apple suing Samsung for the Muti-touch gesture, then there was HTC suing Apple for infringing patent import and  Sales in the US, then Microsoft getting royalties for android from various vendors, How does one keep track of all the suing going on in the world of Mobile.

Well, presenting, an infograph, simplifying all the patent suing going on it the Mobile World.

So, this is the current scenario for Mobile company suing each other as on 20th August 2011

Seems like Apple has the most number of cases on it, and the most number of cases it has drafted on other company, clearly Apple is the ‘Suing King‘, until now.

Dhawal D