Lock and Unlock your Door with an SMS

Forgot to lock your home door on your way out and too bored to return back home to lock it or check if it is locked. Keys are sooooooo Old fashioned, how would it be if you could lock and unlock your doors via SMS, superb idea, isn’t it? Although they don’t have SMS car unlocking you could hire car unlocking service West Palm Beach FL if you happen to lock your keys in your car. Learn more about Calgary auto locksmith options as well.

Billy Chasen wanted to ditch his keys and control the door to his office via text messaging. He built a simple device which consists of a tiny web server, a servo motor, and some parts you get at department stores. The end product, although a bit hacked together looking for lack of a case covering up the guts, has total control over the locking mechanism of the door (https://locksmithlasvegas247.com/). He can lock and unlock the door, add people to a whitelist to grant access to co-workers, and otherwise modify the door control by modifying the tiny embedded web server.

Now that would be a one helluva hack you won’t mind at home, infact love it, an in-built intrusion detection with surveillance camera will be an icing on the cake, will invite you guys to my home, IF ever I play to deploy it. 🙂

Check out the video above to see it in action

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