Update you Facebook Status with your own Voice on Aircel

Aircel, one of India’s mobile service provider has introduced the first ever one of a kind voice-activated service for updating one’s status on Facebook.

Aircel subscribers can use the service by dialing 51555 and then speaking the status update into the handset. The system transcribes the recording into text that posts on the caller’s Facebook profile.

If you’ve ever tried using dictation software, you’ll appreciate my wondering how accurately Aircel’s service can render audio recordings into text. It’s no small feat, and even the best voice recognition systems make mistakes. It’s one thing to have typos or other mishaps show up on content you’re using privately, but posting glitches publicly might be humiliating.

A  Question here, how often would you use a Voice update technology for updating you status, I’d say not much. Is it a publicity stunt or a superb effort by Aircel only the time will tell.


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