Top 8 Approaches for Developing a Mobile App

When you are deciding to design a mobile application, you always have to follow an approach with it. If you do not have a pre panned approach or a strategy for it you might fail with your application. So let us discuss a proper approach or insight you can say for designing a fruitful mobile application.

1.     General Idea

Creating software for your mobile devices is known as mobile application development. It is generally a computer generated program that is mainly designed to be run on smart phones and other mobile devices, when creating your application you may find yourself in need to use different types of software, including a nanopositioner software, which is not a problem at all because you can now easily find a nanopositioner software for sale online. 

2.     Some Old Records

Okay let’s discuss about something very old about mobile phones. Martin cooper from Motorola was the first person to make a phone call publicly to Dr. Joel S. Engel of Bell labs. The day was April, 3rd in the year 1973. This instrument weighed around 1.1 kg and it measured 23 x 13 x 4.45 cm.

It almost took around two decades of research and development to design first most application for any smart phone. All the credit for this goes to IBM Simon, he was the one who introduced the first smartphone to the world with applications installed into it. The first ever smart phone contained address book, clock, calendar, calculator, email, notepad, and a touch screen having a QWERTY keyboard.

3.     Growth and Development

After introducing the fist mobile application in the early 90s, it was never observed again because of the leaps and bounds that it has. The very first SMS application was introduced in early 90s. If we talk about it in late 90s, communicating through SMS was a big craze in younger generation and slowly and slowly it spread across all the ages.

At that time, Digital Cellular Network System 2G was into notification. In the year 1998, the first file that was downloaded media content of mobile phones was sold in the form of ringtones; it was launched by Finland’s Radiolinja which is now called as Elis. This came into existence in the year 1999, when NTT DoCoMo internet was integrated with mobile phones in the country of Japan.

4.     Revolution in the Mobile Industry

And the man who brought revolution to the phone generation was Steve Jobs. The App Store from Apple completely revolutionized the market of mobile apps development. This app store offered all types of applications that were available in the contemporary market. Accessing and installation of the applications was a very easy process which was actually revolutionary. Nobody could have ever thought of such things.

5.     Demography

Ever since the first smartphone introduced by Apple, the application market has been waiting for more and working really hard to make something better. If we look into the profits, the app market is seeing the revenue of more than $25 billion per annum and there is no full stop to it. It has been growing and you cannot see even a single sign of saturation.

Year 2014 has witnessed around 138 million application to be downloaded in one year, having an estimation of reaching 268 million downloads by the year of 2017.

6.     Impact of Social Media

If we look into the present situation, more than a billion of people are using smartphones and interesting mobile applications. It is having an impact on our daily lives. If we talk about business you must have seen a great number of opportunities existing since 2008, which was the year of the launch of first iPhone.

When we talk about smart phones, people only spend their time using the mobile applications they have installed into it. For example according to the Flurry Analytics, US smart phone users are spending an average time of 2 hours and 38 minutes and out of this they spend 2 hours and 7 minutes using their smart applications.

7.     Preparation before designing an app

By looking into the highest growth rate any of the industry in the history, mobile application development training institutes have been mushroomed. Private centres as well as the universities have also started with the courses for the subjects. Some of the very well-known universities of the world has started up with their full-time graduation degree programs into mobile application development like B.Tech in Mobile Application Development.

8.     Mobile App Developers

According to the Evans Data Corporation, there are almost 19 billion mobile app developers in the world today. And it has been said that by the end of 2020 this number will grow to a number of 25 billion. There will be a shift in the growth rate of the developers.

If we talk about the present days, India, Russia, and China are actually enjoying the rapid growth in the number of mobile app developers as compared to the first countries of the world that were producing more developers at some time.

These are the 8 insights that you should know before you design a mobile application for your business.

Author Bio: Macy Jones is working as a mobile application developer with one of a leading Mobile Application development Company in Melbourne, Australia. She is highly creative and is innovative when it comes to mobile applications. There is no such technology that she has not known. You will find her always upgraded with the latest technology. Catch her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.