See what happens when iPhone 5S Gold gets shot by a 50 Caliber Bullet

You must have seen drop tests around the world, as soon as a new smartphone launches, these types of video floats on Social Media and it isn’t going to be different with the iPhone 5S/5C too.


But what you see below is plain heartbreaking: An iPhone 5S dropped on concrete floor, submerged in Water and then shot by a 50 Caliber Bullet, do you have the hearts to see this beautiful device bite the dust?

Folks over at RatedRR evaluating its hardware specs by dropping the gadget into the water and then shooting it up with a 50 Caliber bullet to see if it can resist that up.

First they drop it on hard concrete floors, then drop it into a bowl of water but it almost manage to get out alive, but couldn’t stand a chance against a 50 caliber bullet

The first bullet made an hole and smashed the screen while the second one blew the hell out of it, Check out the video and enjoy.

The DNetWorks Team