Apple Takes Pride In Showing New Macbook Air Features

The slim and sleek Macbook Air has been a long awaited flagship gadget for Apple. The product of Apple very well demonstrates its new innovative notebook design. The Macbook Air comes loaded with great built-in apps. It is intuitive, easy, powerful and user friendly to use. It has the most wonderful high end operating system. With powerful all day battery life with faster graphics and 4rth generation Intel core processor and load of other built in feature this is something worth investing in it.


It Won’t Call Off The Day Unless You Do

This eleven inch Macbook Air’s battery now lasts about 10 hours and the thirteen inch model lasts about 12 hours. So, when you have Macbook Air you don’t have to worry about running out of battery and search for the plug in point to charge. From morning tea till evening commute now it is easy to work unplugged. The notebook is equipped with 30 days standby time so now you can go away for days and come back and start working were you left.

Performance Is What It Matters

The device has got the advanced fourth generation Intel processor with Intel HD graphics HD in it. From editing pictures to just browsing to perfect presentations everything it does at ultrafast speed. This new processor is helpful in giving the battery added life. The new designed used in here, uses less power means you are benefitted on more than one level.

All Flash Storage- Get Set Done

This Macbook Air has upgraded its flash storage which is now 50% faster than the previous device. Therefore, everything you perform is done at a flash speed and super responsive. It wakes up faster since the eleven inch model has twice the capacity i.e. 128 GB.

Connects You Powerfully

With the fast lightning Thunderbolt port the Macbook Air lets you connect to all the latest displays and devices in a jiffy. It also has two USB 3 ports; with this you can connect all the latest USB 3 devices as well as USB 2 devices without hassles. It transforms from a notebook to a workstation in minutes for you to carry on work smoothly.

Camera, Mics and Display

It is an experience to use Macbook Air because of its exquisite design and brilliant engineering. The notebook has created a breakthrough in the gadget market. Pixel to pixel and corner to corner, the resolution of the device makes you feel that you are looking at a wider screen. The 13 inch model has a 1440 x 900 pixels and 11 inch model has got 1366 x 768 pixels display. Moreover, it has LED back lightning that makes the colors vibrant and bright from every edge. Thus, if you are perfecting the presentation or editing a picture or just watching a movie you will fall in love using it.

The device has got dual MICS that hear you clear and loud. If you are using video calling, the MIC automatically reduces the background noises behind the notebook. So when you are speaking or dictating they develop an adaptive audio ray that automatically adjusts and detects your voice reducing the background noise.

The Macbook Air has 720 pixels HD Camera. It lets you stay sharp. The wide screen helps everybody to fit into the frame without hassles.

Connecting To The Outer World

The Macbook Air now supports ultra-fast 802.11 Wi-Fi when connected. The wireless performance is about three times quicker and spontaneous then the previous model. Along with the Blue tooth technology, you can easily connect to any blue tooth devices/speakers. Without wires you are absolutely connected to the outer world.

Multi Touch Trackpad

It is fun to work with Macbook Air. The multi touch gesture makes everything super responsive and intuitive. The gesture responses are realistic and smooth. The swiping and scrolling up and down the web pages is like you are touching what you are looking.

Full Size Keyboard

An incredible compact Macbook Air has a full size keyboard that is built in with the concept of what you see is you type. With great lightning adjustments it takes care of the brightness automatically. So, whether you are in the café, or travelling in a red eye you will have a perfect lightning suiting to any environment.

Superb is one word that comes to your mind when you see and you work on Macbook Air. Flawless design, high end technological features and apps and great connectivity amenities that do all your work at a lightning speed.

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