8 Simple Steps to Better WordPress Management

If you have several products and clients to deal with, keeping things organized and in line can be quite difficult to do at times. If you have 5 to 10 clients and projects going on at once, it can seem quite daunting to keep things in order and organized. Since each project has its own demands, this can drive any project manager crazy.


So, what is the solution? Many managers rely on email, but if you have multiple accounts, this can become overwhelming quite quickly as well; this also runs the possibility of losing an important document marked as spam.

One of the solutions you have is WordPress. It is easy to run, does not cost anything, and will allow you to keep things organized, simply by following these simple steps from https://www.collectiveray.com/wp/tips/leverage-browser-caching-wordpress.

1. You will first create sub domains for each project; use abbreviations or customer names, in order to keep these projects organized and to know which is which.

2. Install WordPress in to each of these sub domains. This is done as: Client1.yoursite.com (for each client or domain name that you choose for the client that you are referring to with that project folder). Find the right clickfunnels alternative to integrate with other software apps.

3. Download Google in docs plugin and install it to your site. Google documents allows you to store plenty of data and is easy to use; the plugin also makes sharing easier to do.

4. Member only plugin should then be downloaded and installed. This will keep the blog private and you can customize which pages different individuals in the organization can log in to.

5. Install WP Task manager. This allows you to manage and assign blogs to employees, and you can discuss comments with employees through this plugin.

6. Events calendar should then be downloaded and installed; this will help you to create a schedule and stick to the deadlines you have set.

7. P2 themes should be downloaded and installed as well. The WordPress offers a number of features, it is like writing posts, but you can check on data and changes in real time, so you know what is taking place, as it is happening on the blog.

8. You have to change the privacy settings. You should choose to block search engines from the normal visitors on the privacy settings; since you aren’t trying to promote the sites, they should be blocked, and only viewed by those within the organization that are working with them, rather than by the visitors that come on to your site.

If you want to stay organized and on track, using WordPress to manage your blog and other projects, is a simple tool that everyone should consider using. You can keep projects in order, see updates, and keep things organized with calendars and settings. When you have an overwhelming amount of work and tasks, these 8 steps can help you clear your time, and get organized. You can create an easy to follow, efficient system, and this is in turn going to allow you to complete projects, and finish the tasks you have set by determined deadlines.

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