Windows 7 v/s Windows 8 v/s Windows XP

Microsoft has come up with versions of Windows that are running millions of computers across the planet. Recently, there is a lot of debate and comparisons are being drawn to equate Windows 7 with Windows 8 and also with the oldest of the three, Windows XP. There are tons of users who still swear by Windows XP because of its easy and convenient features.

However, the coming of Windows 8 has turned the tide in favor of this latest OS from Microsoft. It is also true that users are loving what Windows 7 brought to the table and they are clinging to it despite Windows 8 being in the market for about a year now.

There are some key features that differentiate these three popular operating software from the Microsoft stable. For example, take the touch-screen feature of Windows 8. Touch-screen was there on Windows 7 as well, but it was not so well-developed. The user interface (UI) on Windows 8 is called Metro with boxed grids that make the desktop look like a tablet.

windows 7 vs windows 8 vs windows xp

Microsoft has also built a kind of intelligence on the backend of Windows 8 that allows the computer to guess what you are trying to do and then help you in the process. You could not get so many features out of Windows XP because it was more of steady performance than flashy elegance.

The Search function is another feature that draws a distinguishing line between the three versions of Windows. The Windows XP version had a very moderate searching tool, though it was quite dynamic in those days.

Windows 7 has vastly improved upon it, installing the search box on the Start button itself to facilitate searches. Microsoft has taken the Search function leaps ahead on Windows 8. With the Metro interface, all you need to do is to key in words. The OS will understand that you are looking to search for something and the search box will appear out of nowhere! This is some seriously mind-boggling addition to the Windows franchise.

A great feature on Windows 8 that you did not have on either Windows 7 or Windows XP is the functioning of apps on the computer. Windows XP was built at a time when mobile or computer apps were not that popular.

As a result, Microsoft made little allowances for computer apps to be anything special. That changed for the better with Windows 7. With Windows 8, it has transformed into jaw-dropping technology. Apps are in our lives like never before and Windows 8 takes note of that. With the kind of apps built in Windows 8 Metro interface, you will get real time updates and alerts without having to call for them!

The backend will call upon updates as per the requirement. Also, the social media interactions will be much easier than it was in Windows 7 or Windows XP.

At the end of it all, you will love the transition from Windows XP to Windows 7 and now into Windows 8.

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