Review: CaseMate Barely There Chrome for Galaxy S2

We were being asked for the best case for Samsung Galaxy S2 quite often by our readers via Emails and Facebook messages so here goes, we think this is one of the contenders for the Best Samsung Galaxy S2 cases available in the market.

As the name suggest, the Case is extremely thin and blends well with the body of the Samsung Galaxy S2, it is extremely slim has an impact resistant plastic shell and covers the back and corners of the Samsung Galaxy S2

What’s in the Box and First Impression: CaseMate Barely There Chrome for Galaxy S2

The box is the typical Pastic box that CaseMate ships with almost all it’s cases, you can see the glossy chromed S2 case from the case itself. casemate-barelythere-s2-chrome-case-14casemate-barelythere-s2-chrome-case-13

At the back of the box, The Original Slim Case and Impact resistant.

casemate-barelythere-s2-chrome-case-12As you open the box you see how glossy the case is, with it’s chrome body it instantly wins hearts and you quickly want to put it on, on your beloved Samsung Galaxy S2.


The box doesn’t have anything, but a CaseMate instructions details cum warranty card.

casemate-barelythere-s2-chrome-case-9 casemate-barelythere-s2-chrome-case-8

The case if for people who want protection from scratches while not adding the bulk to their device.

Usage: CaseMate Barely There Chrome for Galaxy S2

The case is made out of plastic and has a glossy finish with the chromed look, with usage it attracts a lot of fingerprints so be ready to clean your device more often.


One might think that the case might slip off ones hand but that’s not the case, we have been using it enough and there has been no instance where the phone has slipped off while cased.


Putting the case on is easy, just place the phone over the case and apply a bit of pressure so it fits in, ever a person who has never used a case can do it.

The CaseMate Barely there covers the entire back, there are slots for the camera module and the speaker phone. On the sides, there are cutouts for the power/screen lock key and volume up/down keys.




The keys seemed to be difficult to press at first, but you get the hang of it after a day of use. Since the case is raised, it also provides protection to the camera from scratches when it’s placed on flat surfaces.

On the back of the Case there is a branding of CaseMate which is not In the face, a good thing.

If you’re one of the people  who like to place your phone face down, this case won’t help you, cons of having a minimalistic case.


The charging and the headphone jack can be comfortably used whilst the case is on.


We did a lot of research for the Galaxy S2 cases and we think this is the best one available if you want a slim case and regular scratch protection, also check out more S2 Cases

Verdict: 4.5/5

The DNetWorks Team