Review: Incipio Feather Matte Black iPhone 5 Case

Every once in a while there comes a Case for your phone that you don’t want to change no matter what, At times you love the case so much that you don’t want to change the phone too, that’s what it is for Incipio iPhone 5 case.

The Incipio’s Feather case is a Snap-On case for your iPhone 5 which is extremely light in weight and gives you a good protection too. This is an ideal case for an iPhone 5 because you don’t want to bulk up this phone and ensure the protection is intact. The case is measured at less than 1 mm thick and 0.46 oz in weight only.

First look: Incipio Feather Matte Black iPhone 5 Case

The box that we received was extremely wonderful looking with the case visible from it.



The Box read, “Feather ultra thin snap-on case for new iPhone”, the design of the box is extremely stylist and the packaging as a whole is wonderful.


Do you see LIFT OPEN written, that is how you open the box, something We haven’t seen in the packaging for various phone across the counter. We must say we were mighty impressed with the box for the Incipio Feather iPhone 5 case.



The back of the box has all details about the case including the thickness, the material used and some notable features of the case.

What’s in the Box: Incipio Feather Matte Black iPhone 5 Case

The Box includes:

1. Incipio Feather Matte Black iPhone 5 Case

2. Plastic Stand

3. Microfiber cloth

4. Screen Protector


It’s pretty common to get a Screen Protector along with the case, but Incipio has thrown in a Free Stand too, though it’s not the best in the world, and is just a piece of plastic that you have to bend and Snap it in place. With bending and snapping over time, it might break. To be honest, we tried working the stay out for daily use and it didn’t give us a satisfactory result.



Feel and Usage: Incipio Feather Matte Black iPhone 5 case

iPhone 5 is made mostly of glass and stainless steel and tends to gets scratched over a period of time, hence a case is necessary which doesn’t make the iPhone look ugly and take care of the day-to-day abuses. The Feather Ultraslim case itself is made from high-quality trademarked Plextonium which is a sturdy resin that is precisely designed to fit the iPhone 5 without adding much bulk.


The case has a Matte black finish which provides a bit of an extra grip while holding and using the iPhone, people around the internet have noticed that the coating rubs off over time but we haven’t noticed anything of that sort as yet.

The Cutout on the case allows you to access all the ports and buttons while still having the metallic rich felling of the iPhone 5

incipio-feature-iphone5-review-1 incipio-feature-iphone5-review-2 incipio-feature-iphone5-review-3


The fact that the case is light and thin, automatically makes you understand that it’s not that great of a drop or an impact protector but hey, if you’re going for an Adventure sports and carrying your iPhone 5, we wouldn’t recommend this case, however, if you want to use it for daily use, we think it’s the best case we’ve reviewed for the iPhone 5.

– Access to all ports and buttons without any troubles
– Sleek matte black design
– Free screen protector in packaging
– Doesn’t add weight or bulk
– Free Stand with the case
– 1 Year Warranty

– Apple logo is hidden under the case
– Not much drop or impact protection since it’s thin and light
– Matte coating can come off over time (?)

We think the case is perfect for your iPhone 5 and we wouldn’t think twice before giving it a 5/5 ratings.

This case has been provided to us for review by MobileFun check out  more iPhone 5 cases on their website

The DNetWorks Team