Samsung Galaxy S4 vs S3 vs Note II vs HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z vs iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920 vs Blackberry Z10

Presenting the best of the phones money can buy, yes, we have the mother of all comparisons here at The DNetWorks, why we got an article on Comparison right now? we were waiting for the beast to be launched by Samsung.

These are the high-end phones currently gracing the markets and while you thought the iPhone 5 was the best phone ever, we have a fight between all the phones currently available.

Every phone has their pros and their cons, it’s up to you to which one would you go for, Androids are the masses, while iPhones have their Fans boys, just like Blackberry and Windows.

Whether you opt for the Galaxy S4, the HTC One or the iPhone 5 or any other phone in the comparison is entirely your prerogative, but if you want an objective run-down of how the big these 8 smartphones fare against each other, you’ve come to the right and only place on the internet.

samsunggalaxys4-vs-s3-vs-noteIIvs-htc-one-vs-sonyexperiaZ-vs-iphone5-cs-nokialumia920-vsblackberryz10-thednetworksclick on the image to expand it

An idea phone according to us would be having a:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 processor
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Cores
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 RAM
  • Expandable Storage
  • HTC One’s Display (Check out some HTC One Accessories here)
  • Dimensions and weight of the iPhone 5
  • Aluminium and Glass Body
  • Siri as a voice assistant
  • Wireless Charging
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 resolution

Sigh, that’s far from happening, for now, enjoy this Top 8 Smartphone comparison as of March 2013.

Update: Only Chinese/Japanese models have the expandable memory, International versions dont.

The DNetWorks Team



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