Review: Gunnar Optiks – Groove Computer Eyewear

Are you like one of us, who sits on a computer screen/laptop almost the entire day? and then on Tablet and a Phone for a large amount of time? It is stressful and harmful to your eye!

That reminded of your mom, when we were young almost all of us were being told not to sit close to the TV or we would go blind right? You generally wear Sunglasses when you’re outside but when you’re indoors you can’t wear sun-glasses right? Some of you must have used the old-school trick to reduce glares and strain on your eyes, like lighting up your entire room, turn down the brightness and the most EPIC one is to have a light in the background, How often have you continually doing it? a month max!

Not anymore, We just figured out a perfect solution for it, Introducing Gunnar Optiks, they sell some extremely amazing Technology eyewear designed specifically to prevent fatigue and as some serious benefits. The reason our eyes become fatigued and strained from a monitor is due to several factors: glare, flicker, poor contrast, reading small fonts, and other monitor properties which can cause eye discomfort. Unless these causes are corrected, then the user can suffer from everything from red itchy eyes, to blurred vision, and all the way to pounding headaches.

This is an expert review about Gunnar Optiks Groove Computer Eyewear, which were sent to us by Gunnars Optiks India, this eyewear were reviewed over a period of 2+ weeks.

What in the Box: Gunnar Optiks Groove Computer Eyewear

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First Look, Feel and Usage: Gunnar Optiks – Groove Computer Eyewear

When you first notice the glasses they look right out of a sci-fi film and once you wear them, you look no less than a Sniper, jokes apart, the glasses are extremely light in weight, they’re headset compatible too, so the side bands don’t wrap around your ears like the traditional glasses.

Out of the box they look absolutely sturdy and give you a feel that it will do its job perfectly, once you wear them, you go to a new world altogether, there is a slight magnification and a yellowish tint to your vision, everything looks better and bright,  The view seems to be more magnified toward the center of the lens, and this does morph the image ever so slightly on the sides. Generally this is unnoticeable, especially after a few minutes of wearing the glasses.

The next thing is the yellowish tint which reduces the harsh blue colors that most monitors emit, though the real world things would look yellow the images on the laptop/desktop would have enhances richness and greater contract.





GUNNAR’s proprietary i-AMP lens technology relaxes the ocular muscles that strain to view text and images at close distances.

By improving eye focus, reducing glare, conditioning and shifting the color spectrum, and blocking artificial/reflective light – GUNNAR i-AMP lens technology gives digital device users optimal visual performance and efficiency.

Specific lens features of GUNNAR’S i-AMP lens technology platform includes the following specific elements:

  • GUNNAR i-Fiâ„¢ lens coatings
  • GUNNAR fRACTYLâ„¢ lens geometry
  • GUNNAR iONikâ„¢ lens tints
  • GUNNAR diAMIXâ„¢ lens material



The nose clips are adjustable according to your comfort which is also another better thing of these glasses.

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The glasses look smart and have a yellowish tint as noted before. gunnars-glasses-groove-computer-eyewear-review-111




See the difference with and without Gunnar’s Optiks Glasses


gunnar-optiks-review-without gunnars-glasses-groove-computer-eyewear-review-115
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Performance: Gunnar Optiks – Groove Computer Eyewear


Being on my Macbook all the time, and use it all the time, we was excited to see how i-AMP technology will help reduce the il-effects and eye straining problem and it did a fairly good job at it. Though yellow tint takes sometime to be adjusted to, after hours of usage we found  that the eyes were less tired than when used without the glasses.

Final Thoughts: Gunnar Optiks – Groove Computer Eyewear

Initially, we were a bit skeptical about if theses glasses actually work, but after using it for a fair amount of time, we can vouch for it.

These glasses neither make you like an old-fashioned grammar teacher while wearing them, nor have to squint and suffer all day long while laboriously blogging, coding or working on your computer.

Also, Gunnars’ are RX compatible, which means they are prescription compatible. If you want more information about this, just visit


  • Increased Contract
  • Sharper Vision
  • Clarity in Vision
  • Reduction of Glare and reflection
  • Increase in visual resolution
  • Less strain on eye after prolonged use
  • Reduced Eye Fatigue
  • Obvious increase in productivity and performance

Technical Specifications

Weight: 20 grams
(without packaging)
Eye size: 58 mm
Bridge width: 16 mm
Temple length: 120 mm
Lens height: 34 m


Blister: master cartons of 2 each  with inner packs of 20
• pcs: 1
• h x w x d: 12.06 x 19.05 x 6.35 cm
• weight: 145 g
Inner carton: 70 x 22 x 25 cm
Master carton: 71 x 44.5 x 26 cm
Paperbox: master cartons of 16 each with inner packs of 5
• pcs: 1
• h x w x d: 5.08 x 18.57 x 8.25 cm
• weight: 100 g
Inner carton: 28 x 19.5 x 25 cm
master carton: 57.8 x 42.2 x 38 cm

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