Install windows 8 on Mac: How

With Windows 8 being launched and most of the world going gaga over it, its difficult for a hardcore Apple lover to keep his or her hands off or not be curious about Windows 8.


It is easy to install Windows 8 on your favorite Mac, and check out the all new Operating system. In fact with the redesigned interface and loads of integrated apps, Mac and Windows 8 might result in a deadly combination, albeit and effective one. You need not worry as you can always opt for the dual booting advantage in your Mac with Windows8 and your own OS like OS X Mountain Lion running side by side.

Let’s get into detail about how to install Windows 8 in your Mac.

1. Get Your Boot Camp Assistant:

Boot Camp is a program offered free by Apple. This software makes installing Windows 8 in your Mac a child’s play. Most updated Operating Systems in Mac have Boot Camp installed, you need to check it. In case it has not been installed, just choosing “Software Upgrade” from the Apple menu will do the trick.

Now follow the steps for installing Windows 8 from scratch using Boot Camp.

2. System requirement check:

The minimum requirement installing Windows 8 is a hard disc space of 16 GB for 32 bit version of the Operating System and 20GB for a 64 bit Operating System of Windows 8. It is better to have some extra space than the minimum requirement for a dual booting option.

3. Getting a copy of Windows 8:

Microsoft Corp. was offering upgrades of earlier version of Windows for a little fee, now the Operating System is available for a premium price in the market. Windows 8 or Windows pro are the two popular versions. You can choose anyone but the Enterprise edition will be just fine for general users. Digital downloads are not available till now, and you will need and external drive in case you don’t have a DVD drive in your Mac device.

4. New Hard drive partition:

After starting Boot Camp create a new partition in the hard disk by simply selecting the size. Its better to make a 30GB partition keeping in mind that you need of at least 20GB for 64 bit operating system, and the fact that you will be using a dual booting system. You need not worry as existing data will not be deleted or lost. Boot Camp will efficiently create a partition of the size you mentioned in your Hard Disk Drive.

5. Install Windows 8:

After creating partition, select the option “Start Windows Installer”. Insert your Windows 8 Disc after that. The rest will be a smooth ride, and Windows 8 will be installed in your Mac. Just be careful while selecting the drive, always choose the drive or partition that you have created earlier which will be labeled as “BOOTCAMP”.

6. Reboot:

After completion of installation, your computer might restart into Windows 8. Customize the operating system as per your choice and need. Hold down the Option Key while restarting to flip between your operating systems.


You can also run Windows 8 as a virtual machine, with virtualization software. You can double up using Boot Camp and a virtualization software to have the best of both. You can install Windows 8 using Boot Camp and creating partition, then using the virtualization software to install the boot camp partition as a virtual machine. This will help you run Windows 8 speedily and also without restarting.

For other process or ways of installing Windows 8 in your Mac, like installing from USB flash drive, or ISO file you can always log in to the Apples discussion or support site.


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