iPhone 5’s most playing games for 2013

The Apple iPhone 5 features better graphics, faster speed and a bigger screen. How much more could an iOS gamer want? You probably need some terrific games to play on it! The developers have been working hard to give you the optimum gaming experience for the iPhone 5. Here are a few suggestions from the people on GamingBuff.com:


Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery

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Helping the mission of a “wandering” female monk is not something you do every day. Sword & Sworcery received praise from sites like Destructoids and IGN as an indie adventure game that brings a lot in the way of both audio and visual experience. It simply doesn’t look or sounds like your typical adventure game.

Throw in a little sword fighting and evil magic to help solve a few mysteries and you’ve got something to keep yourself entertained for a long time. The land is affected by phases of the moon and you can have all your Twitter friends help in your mission.


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Asphalt 7 is one racing game that delivers with advanced technology of the iPhone 5. The faster speed and improved graphics really make this game stand out from all the other iPhone racing games.

The larger screen gives you plenty of space to make your move and go for the win. The on-screen controls are more comfortable with a side screen placement. You get a clear view to all the action. It’s easy to race and a challenge to win.

Infinity Blade II

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This follow up to Infinity Blade is made by developer Epic Games. This is the same company that made Gears of War. This adventure promotes three new combat styles, added social challenges and lots of features you would expect in the aftermath of the original Infinity Blade.

The storyline is easy to follow since it drops you right where you left it before. You have to follow Siris the warrior into the world of Deathless leaders of the nearly indefeatable Titans.As scary as that sounds, they must be somewhat defeatable or no one would ever beat the game!



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This is yet another winning score for the developers that opted to take full advantage of the improved technology of the iPhone 5. This game is reminiscent of Crusin’ USA in both graphics and gameplay. You operate the vehicle using a brake and gas pedal at the bottom sides of the screen. This is where the new taller and wider screen comes in handy. The peddles no longer hide the view of the road. You can truly play this game mobile on the iPhone 5.


Space Team 

This is the perfect game for gamer parties. Be warned though, it could lead to arguments. Up to 4 players join in on this chaotic journey through intergalactic space. Every player has certain controls that they have to operate efficiently.

Everyone has to coordinate efforts with these controls to protect the ship from impending doom. Instructions have to shouted out to everyone, but only one player at a time has the proper control “dial, switch, slider or button” to get the job done. They are timed moves, so if the person fails, then the ship is going to take some damage.

The equipment eventually falls apart and everyone dies. Make everyone want to come and die at your party!

Download them, give them a try and see what you think. These are the games that will truly give your iPhone 5 technology a workout. You finally have an excuse to game because it’s what they went to all that work for!

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