Swing King (2013) for iPhone/iPod

Swing King is the ultimate challenge to gamers that love physics puzzle stimulation. The goal is to save the kingdom by sending the King over obstacles, through levels and grapple with puzzling dilemmas.

The gameplay is exceptional, the soundtrack is incredible and the visuals are stunning. It offers the perfect combination to keep you playing for hours. 

The Strategy of Victory

The beauty of the gameplay with Swing King is the ease of the controls. You use a simple touch-control system to toss the King through all 92 levels. Each provides different obstacles and opportunities to get stars and reach his flying Unicorn. Aim the direction you toss the King to get maximum benefit. It’s reminiscent of Angry Birds and just as addictive!

Collect as many stars as you can and unlock the wardrobe hats. You’ll need these to win the impending challenges. Each stage is better than the one before. Use well-earned power ups to get the boxing glove. With this you can break through walls and knock out the furry contenders. The backgrounds can change from jungle to forest, or sky. It adds to the intensity of the gameplay.

The Challenge is in the Manoeuvres

What seems to attract a large following is the actual physics of the maneuvers it takes to win the game. It tests your skills at trajectory. THIS is what equaled success for the developers of Angry Birds. There is nothing a gamer wants to do more than conquering a technique for victory. It’s non-stop in Swing King.

Although it’s not what one would consider a complete “adventure game”, it offers enough to blow most of the competition away. The sights and sounds combined with action are getting gamers hooked. It’s not too often that a game comes along that has a story, but you are too wrapped up in the action to really care about it. All you want to do is beat the next level and conquer the next challenge.


Complete Mobile Entertainment

This game is available for play on the iPhone, iPod or iPad. The gameplay is great on all three, but the visual is definitely better on the iPad. This is due to larger screen size. The ease of control allows for just as much fun playing it on the iPod or iPhone. It’s never been easier to take this much fun with you wherever you go.

When you think you have the game mastered and defeat a stage, a new one begins that is so completely different and engaging. A whole new world to conquer, gather stars and hats to unlock keeps you on your toes. The tricks you learned to use in one stage simply don’t work the same in a new one. It increases the challenge and keeps you guessing and trying.

When Has THIS Happened?

When is the last time you played a game, defeated it, went back to play it again and got just as hooked as you did initially? It’s not often that games are developed that provide as much fun on a second or third go-around as it did on the first. That speaks volumes for the quality of Swing King. So much thought went into continued gameplay on this game. It’s designed to hang around for a long time.

Not everyone is fond of puzzle-type games, but it’s been receiving a lot of praise, even from first time puzzle game players. A game getting this much attention and rave reviews is certainly worth a try. The worst that can happen is that you get lost in the world that is Swing King!

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