This is the Future of Credit Cards, Magazines, Payments and more

A new Credit Card from Mastercard, as reported by the BBC is going through a radical change of how people use credit cards, this card is first rolling out in Singapore and eventually the rest of the world, has, a built-in grayscale LCS screen and a number pad, for security purpose in the beginning and eventually roll out a loyalty and coupon layer on it.


This is how the credit card of the future will look, the process of moving the digital world into our real world is moving faster than you think, Entertainment Weekly, a magazine, has twice inserted a LCD screen into its paper magazine to show video ads. When you see it, you know that the entire medium is going through an upheaval, with these baby steps, it won’t be long when you have flexible AMOLED display magazines, which you would just subscribe to and gets updated weekly or monthly and the new content shows up.

NFC Payments are being tested where you just have to tap your phone to one of the POS CBD terminal and the payment is done, not only that, NFC ticketing is being developed, where you could use your phone as a Ticket or a Travel Card. All of this leading to a wallet-less future or the wallet-in-the-cloud future.

Security is a top-notch concern when it comes to Monterey transactions and hence, high-encryption is used, it is as safe as you type in a security code on a phone even more easily than on a weird hybrid credit card. Along with all these forms of changes, even the companies that offer loans are changing their standard way of working, as getting the best rates have been made simpler, and the entire process of getting various types of loan has also been made faster.

What do you guys think about the future that we see is possible?

The DNetWorks Team