Free space on iPhone, iPad without Jailbreaking

As an iPhone, iPad and other iDevice owner we love to install apps, download music and more, we often click stunning photos and take memorable videos but we all run of out space no matter what the space on the iPhone be, what do we do then?

Move to iCloud store up to 5 GB of data and again short of space, then we buy the premium storage space on the iCloud, While many manage just fine with 8 or 16GB model for music, videos, ringtones and whatnot, it often becomes a bit of a squeeze, and quite a few end up having to delete files just to get by.


When you check the space available on your iPhone we don’t see beyond the obvious, sometimes it’s not only the apps, music, videos and images hogging the space up, it is something you didn’t know, files that you thought you deleted, caches, offline files, cookies and temporary files could clog up with space of your system, how do you delete them? Enter PhoneClean, it is a utility to solve this problem

It is a Windows-only App and its FREE, works with XP or higher, this 3.5 MB app promises that “your iPhone will run faster and more smoothly“, apparently, by removing unnecessary files, all this even when you’re not jailbroken.

If you have jailbroken your iPhone try iCleaner app, available to download over at the BigBoss repository, which allows advance options.

To be noted: if you use PhoneClean for cleaning your iPhone, you may lose certain features like saved searches, cookies, etc. 

PhoneClean for Windows can be downloaded from here.

The DNetWorks Team